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Company Value Reports

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Sample Company Value Reports by an MBA, CVA, CBI The primary purpose of a company value is to document clearly that the pricing of the business is objective and correct, and to defend that pricing in negotiations for sale or other uses where an accurate value is critical. There is no doubt that most business sale… Read more »

Business Brokerage Companies

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Business Brokerage Companies, What Can You Expect? Not all business brokerage companies provide a complete host of services. After carefully researching and finding the right business brokerage firm for you, that firm will assign you a business broker agent. Working with an agent directly and understanding the services available through that brokerage firm is vital for… Read more »

Prepare Your Business For Sale

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How to Prepare Your Business For Sale Nearly every business owner has heard that to sell a business, timing is important. So to sell a business you need to prepare your business for sale. In this article you will learn how to prepare before you sell a business – like changes in the economy, availability… Read more »

Business Intermediary Services

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Expert Business Selling Advice From Business Intermediary Services Business buyers and business sellers have something in common; they typically partake in business selling transaction once in their lifetime. If you are, however, a strategic buyer or a corporate or equity buyer, buying and selling companies might be commonplace. A buyer with significant experience in business… Read more »