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Business Broker Vs Business Sale Advocate

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Business Broker Vs Business Sale Advocate “At Business Sale Advocate We Recognize The Sacrifice, Passion, And Service Of The American Business Owner. We Exist To Celebrate Their Success, Validate Their Immense Lifelong Efforts, And Ensure The Continuation Of Their Legacy.” The “Business Sale Advocate” program is the brain child of long-term business sale and acquisitions expert,… Read more »

Selling a Company, Nine Things you Need to Know

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Before Selling a Compnay, Review Nine Important Items Selling a company requires some planning and preparation, it’s also very helpful to learn from the lessons of others who sold their businesses. Since the sale of a business is often a once in a life event, a business owner does not have the luxury of getting… Read more »

The Difference Between Business Brokers, Merger and Acquisition Advisors

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The Difference Between Business Brokers, M&A Advisors & Investment Bankers Small Business, Middle-Market, and Big Business. Businesses come in different sizes. Small businesses may seem complex to the entrepreneur trying to run everything alone, with a handful of employees at most, but in truth, they are usually very simple in the eyes of an experienced… Read more »

Sell a Business Without Paying High Business Brokerage Commissions

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Business Brokerage Services Sell a business by a brokerage firm.  Many business owners pour their proverbial “blood, sweat and tears” into their businesses. To them, the business represents far more than a paycheck…it’s an extension of themselves, a representation of their values and work ethic. It’s their second home or their second family, their retirement,… Read more »

Choosing An M&A Company

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How to Choose An M&A Company First, make sure M&A is the company’s field of expertise. Lawyers, accountants, commercial real estate agents, business consultants, may all believe they know enough to advise you through selling a business or acquiring business. It may seem that professionals like lawyers; especially if they have served you well in… Read more »

Preparing a Business For Sale

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When to sell a business and when to start preparing Preparing a business for sale. In a perfect world, the best time to sell a business is when the business is performing well with future projections looking even better, the national economy is strong, and the industry is getting a lot of attention from Wall… Read more »