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Sell My Company Advice to Business Owners

American Fortune Business For Sale Online Listings is a Program For Advertising USA Businesses For Sale on The Internet.

Our business listing partners include Business Owners of Privately Owned Businesses, Corporations, Business Brokers, Attorneys, Accountants, Investment Bankers, and Mergers & Acquisitions consultants. They use our web site to market their businesses for sale online listing program.

American Fortune Celebrates & Honors the Sacrifice & Service of the American Business Owner & Ensures the Continuation of Their Legacy

The key to a successful merger or acquisition is drafting an acquisition road map that will help a business buyer target the right company to merge with or buy. Our goal is the success of Buyers and the continued success and prosperity of the businesses being acquired. Clients find that our Acquisition Business Services go beyond providing Business Brokerage services to successfully guide clients through the business acquisition process. Our firm’s reputation is built on thoroughness and positive, lasting results.

As Business Sale Agents we generally list businesses for sale with revenues of $2 – $50 million. Additionally, our online listings are for businesses that primarily serve “business to business” (b2b) industries.

How to Successfully Sell my Company

Finding the best ways sell my company by marketing business sale services listings but at the same time maintain confidentially about a business sale confidential can be challenging. This section will cover areas for effective marketing of businesses for sale online offerings while maintaining confidentiality.

Let’s first address a key question which is how to identify the best buyers and where to find them and how to get their attention. The first place to look for buyers is in the sellers existing network. These buyers could be business owners that are familiar to the seller of the business such as a specific person or company that could be a good fit to buy the business. Obviously caution is advised and the business seller needs to proceed in a very confidential manner. To accomplish this task it’s most prudent to utilize a third party such as a mergers and acquisitions consultant (business sale adviser). For best results to sell my company it is wise to utilize the help and support of a mergers and acquisitions consultant (business sale adviser) in finding and screening all buyers. This is a safe approach is to market businesses for sale online discreetly and confidentiality.

The following steps will help sellers target their businesses online to buyers.

Step 1. Define the likely buyers for a business for sale online.

Research and learn who are the most likely buyers for the business for sale, then research where and how these potential buyers can be reached.

Is the business offered for sale the kind of business that would attract a buyer who is likely to buy any business or is it a buyer business that is more likely to buy a specific type of business?

Can any buyer with financial qualifications be capable of buying and operating the business or does the buyer need to have specific qualifications, credentials, or licenses?

Is the business offered for sale more likely to sell to an individual buyer or financial buyer or would the business be a better fit for acquisition by another business or equity group?

Step 2. Determine the best approach to reach the likely buyer to sell my company on online.

Modern day marketing sale of businesses utilizes many forms which include print mediums, electronic mediums, internet, mailing campaigns and phone campaigns. Choosing the best listings mediums depends very much on the target audience. Once the likely buyers to acquire the business are defined the form of marketing decision will fall in place. However, in today’s business environment most business people agree that the use of internet for marketing can be extremely effective and low cost. In the listings of businesses for sale online, small to medium size businesses enjoy the greatest success however large business are also marketed on the internet via proprietary websites.

Step 3.Targeting advertising efforts in the sale of businesses online

In the sale of a business it’s helpful to quantify the likely buyers into several group descriptions to determine the best approach to reach buyers that are most likely to be interested in the businesses being offered for sale.

Group One consists of buyers interested only in businesses for sale listings in a specific market area who often work through a network of local networks such as mergers & acquisitions advisers, business brokers, consultants, accountants and attorneys. The local buyers will also look at local classified ads but most will search online business for sale listings sites, where they limit their searches to a local market area.

Some buyers are only interested in looking at businesses for sale listings in their local geographic area or within a specific market area. Reaching these buyers can be accomplished via internet for sale listings, classified ads and using a local network of professionals such as mergers & acquisitions advisers (business sale agents), business brokers, consultants, accountants and attorneys.

Group Two consists of buyers interested only in business listings in a specific industry or professional area. These buyers are most likely search online business for sale listings sites. Additionally, these buyers look in trade publications and trade sites for business opportunities. Some of the buyers also peruse their network of professional or industry confidential contacts in search of businesses for sale offerings.

Buyer Statistics show that approximately ninety percent prospective business buyers look at online for sale listings. Although many of these buyers work with merger and acquisition consultants (business sale adviser) or business brokers these buyers would perform many of their internet searches for businesses for sale listings.

Marketing & Advertising Businesses For Sale Listings Successfully

Successful marketing of a business for sale by owner listing should start with a good review, analysis, due diligence and valuation of a business. Knowing the business inside out, its’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats go a long way in being prepared to deal with the market forces and buyers. The successful marketing strategy can be termed as “success is when preparedness meets opportunity “. So is it critical to perform a self-analysis of the business as opposed to rushing to list the business for sale. Being poorly prepared for buyers results in mediocre attention in the marketplace and yields inquiries and calls from the buyers that are unqualified, unprofessional and time wasters.

Businesses for sale online and listing the right information

The following are some suggestions on marketing and advertising business for sale online listings.

Many advertisers of businesses for sale provide too little or too much information. The write up of businesses for sale online should be in an executive summary format constituting approximately one full page of information. Business buyers searching for an acquisition will look at many businesses for sale listings so it’s imperative that the write up provides key information otherwise they will bypass the business for sale listing.

A good summary provides the potential buyer with a sense of clarity and comfort as if they had performed a walk-through of the business. Also a good business description provides the right type of details (without jeopardizing confidentiality) so that buyers virtually qualify or disqualify themselves from the interest in a given business listed for sale. Such an outcome saves much time and effort to the business owner or advertiser because they will only spend time with qualified and serious buyers. Another point to consider is the goal of building trust in the manner business listings are described and presented. Having the right business description yields calls and contacts from quality buyers which saves time with answering the same questions many times over. Content that embellishes or sells too much can turn buyers off and make them move on to other business for sale online listings.

Here are Three Steps to Sell my Company

  1. Fine-tune and determine the likely buyers who you consider buying the business offered for sale. Consider the old expression “birds of the feather flock together” in determining the type of buyers to target the businesses for sale. Once the buyer categories have been defined it’s time to define this ideal buyer and write the listings description directly to this buyer.
  2. Define the qualification of the buyer especially from the financial qualification and down payment requirements. Does the buyer or company being targeted for the acquisition of the business need licensing or regulatory credentials? Is the ideal buyer an individual buyer a company? a competitor? a group of investors?
  3. Think about some of the best ways to reach your targeted buyers. The greatest opportunity to sell my company exists within the same city unless the city is smaller. The next opportunity of selling businesses is within the same state or surrounding states. However for larger businesses with revenues of $10 million or higher the likely hood that the buyer will be an out of state buyer increase significantly. The dependency of listings for sale online-based systems and websites continues to increase. Buyers find it very convenient to sit in front of a computer and finding and reviewing hundreds of businesses for sale online listings in their desired category, size, industry and price range. Target your message appropriately. It is important to match your likely buyers to one of several profiles before determining how you will reach them.

No matter what kind of businesses are being marketed for sale it’s prudent to depend on listing businesses for sale online on some form of an internet-based website, database or system. Statistics tell us that more than 90 percent of prospective buyers search online businesses for sale listings and therefore a majority of businesses today sell as a result of internet marketing. Online listings for business sale services are not only used directly by buyers but they are also used by business brokers, investment bankers, business finders and other consultants serving their buyer clients. Since there are many businesses for sale listings websites, directories and databases its recommended that the seller and their consultants take advantage in listing their businesses for sale in all of the credible listings sites. These businesses for sale online listings sites provide an easy means of allowing buyers and their consultants of finding their ideal business.

Six Guidelines to Sell my Company 

The type of information included in business for sale online listings could be the difference between a quicker sale or a long and difficult one.

1. Provide key summary financials

Include annual revenue and EBIDTA or seller’s discretionary earnings for the past 3-5 years with a few years of realistic projections. Without proper financial data, buyers will not be able to determine their interest level in specific business for sale listings. Since most business listings for sale provide information in an expected manner, therefore, missing or limited financial data in listings will result in buyers lack of interest prompting them to move on to reviewing other businesses for sale online listings.

2. Geographic location of a business for sale online

Listing the geographic location of a business should be done with great care. If a business listed for sale is one of several dozens of similar businesses in a given city than it makes sense to list the city location of the business. If on the other hand the business being listed is only of a handful of businesses located in a given city than it would not be prudent to list the location of the business listings for sale. In certain cases, it may be wise not to even include the state that the business is located in. Obviously, the goal is to sell a business but never at the expense of confidentiality. Serious and qualified buyers will still show an interest in business listings even if the specific location of the business is not provided. Larger businesses for sale are not as dependent on geographic locations since many buyers seeking to buy larger businesses do not necessarily care about the location of the business.

3. Include a strong headline on a business for sale online

Business buyers will often review numerous businesses for sale online listings so it is smart to write a good and strong title to business listings to catch their attention. In today’s times people are used to short sound bites and short or abbreviated. Therefore the headline of business listings needs to be both catchy as well as communicate the right information in a few words. If the business listing headline grabs their attention they will more likely read more. The attention grabber could be one product or service that is very popular in the current market. It could be a headline around a strong brand name and reputation. As buyers are searching for businesses for sale online listings they are also comparing the prices as well as headlines for many businesses that they found online. The process can be compared to the review of dozens and dozens of resumes where many good resumes get tossed out because they fail to catch attention and or poorly written.

4. Place a business for sale listings in multiple categories

Many businesses for sale online listings fit overlapping business categories, so placing a business for sale listing in multiple categories increases the chances that the business will be found by more buyers. As an example, commercial printing business could be listed under printing as well as manufacturing.

5. Make the business descriptive and specific when posting for sale online listings

Businesses for sale listings should provide a strategic description in a manner that provides just enough of the right information. Make sure that the listings description has substance with useful information written in a factual manner. Write in short statements describing the business and its operations, its history, its strengths, opportunities and enough detail to cause buyers to think that nothing is being embellished or hidden. The listings of businesses for sale descriptions should be a chance to differentiate the businesses from other businesses for sale that the buyer is reviewing or considering.

6. Maintain confidentiality on a business for sale online listings

The goal to sell my company is to get the attention of potential buyers but never at the expense of confidentiality. The trick is to provide buyers with enticing information in an honest and without arming the buyer with information that could lead them to find out the identity of the business. Remember not all people reviewing businesses for sale online listings are actually buyers some may be curious employees, competitors, customers, suppliers, and others. The best strategy to work with buyers is to discuss non-confidential information such as operational issues and or makeup of customers (without naming the customers). These kinds of discussions lead to a buyer’s self-selection or elimination.

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