Completed Transactions

Here is a sampling of American Fortune‘s Completed Transactions & Rendered Services

    • Business Valuation of Transign LLC
    • Sell-side Services: Software Solutions, acquired by Computer Networks
    • Sell-side Services: Medical Equipment, acquired by Healthcare Co.
    • Sell-side Services of Tech Level 5 Information Technology
    • Sell-side Services of Pro-Tek Environmental
    • Business Valuation of Piedmont Pacific Corporation
    • Sell-side Services: Oil Drilling & Exploration, acquired by Energy Ventures
    • Sell-side Services: FabCon, acquired by Sealed Power
    • Sell-side Services of Medical Towers Pharmacy
    • Sell-side Services of SealMaster Mfg & Services
    • Exit Planning of Electro Industrial Distributors
    • Sell-side Services of Integrated BioControl Management, Inc.
    • Buy-side Services of ModTech Technical Services
    • Sell-side Services: Cocktails Distillery, acquired by Newco
    • Sell-side Services: Measurement Equipment, acquired by Texas Test & Measurement
    • Sell-side Services of Louisville Underlayment
    • Sell-side Services of Penn Station (Multi Package)
    • Business Valuation of Proprietary Services Inc.
    • Sell-side Services of Fatigue Dynamics Test & Measurement
    • Exit Planning of Amer-Tech Industrial
    • Sell-side Services of X-Ray Mgmt. Professionals
    • Sell-side Services of McMahan Furniture
    • Sell-side Services: Electronic Controls Mfg., acquired by Delco
    • Sell-side Services of New Horizons
    • Business Valuation of TransWorld Distributors
    • Sell-side Services of Fisher Klostermann
    • Sell-side Services of Laser Mfg.
    • Sell-side Services of American Wood Products
    • Sell-side Services & Consulting of Neuroscience and MRI Medical
  • Buy-side Services Able Security Services

We Excel In Three Main Services: 1. Mergers & Acquisitions (Business Sale & Acquisition), 2. Business Exit Planning, 3. Business Valuation Services

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