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A multitude of issues and matters require attention and careful management within the sale and acquisition of a business. Therefore choosing the best M&A advisory firms can make a difference between making or breaking the sale or acquisition of a business. The right M&A advisory firm will bring significant value in all areas of the merger and acquisition process.

The due diligence and deal structuring process performed by buyers and their M&A Consultants can uncover potential issues and concerns. As a result, buyers and their M&A Consultants will be eager to seek price concessions. Therefore, sellers must be armed with the best M&A advisory firms.

To kick off the process, the M&A consultant should prepare a strong and defensible valuation report to preserve the selling price. As part of Mergers and Acquisition services, a consultant should strategically orchestrate a pool of buyers willing to pay the highest price and agree to the best deal terms. M&A advisors do this through seeking out qualified buyers, but this takes expertise and experience. Finding qualified buyers is also only one of the critical steps in selling a business. Advisors should also advocate for the seller and the legacy of the business during negotiations.

The most vital point of selling a business is to make it to the closing table successfully. Exceptionally skilled M&A Advisory firms will strategically navigate through any problems or obstacles using their remarkable creative thinking, problem-solving, and unrivaled negotiating skills. These professionals serve to keep business deals together and ensure that the company and the owner will benefit from the sale.

American Fortune, has been successfully serving clients with businesses of up to $50 million dollars in sales since 1998. American Fortune operates out of three locations:

  • Louisville, Kentucky; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles, California

American Fortune M&A Advisory Services

Successful M&A requires more than just negotiating the sale price. The M&A process is multi-faceted, requiring significant expertise and experience in pre-sale preparation such as streamlining and improving processes and systems. M&A professionals should help cultivate ideal conditions for the sale by maximizing business value and improving the marketability of the business. Additional advisory services include crafting exit strategies, planning for tax minimization, and more.

Selling a business is extremely complex and time-consuming. The whole experience can be an emotional roller coaster for the seller. However, through careful planning and with the help of experts, any business owner can successfully navigate selling their company with a desirable deal and smooth exit.

American Fortune has created proven processes and procedures that successfully address and control all the issues and problems which can arise during the sale of a business. Experienced M&A advisory firms, such as American Fortune, will successfully handle these challenging matters and help you maximize the value of your business prior to marketing the business for sale.  Our broad-based M&A expertise includes:

Maximizing Value with American Fortune

Industry conditions often give business buyers an advantage, allowing them to control the business sale process.   Sellers and M&A Advisory firms usually put themselves into a defensive position by not dictating and controlling the deal negotiations. As a result, the deal process becomes one-sided and can result in the seller’s and their M&A consultants being subject to vulnerability.  Furthermore, this dynamic results in miscommunication, misunderstandings, and misinterpretation by the buyer and their M&A consultants. Many business owners experience price low-balling and have their business value belittled. These tactics allow the buyer and their consultants to control the deal process. That is not how American Fortune operates. We strive to present tough negotiations for a favorable deal for the seller with amicable terms.

In a quest to provide exceptional value to sell-side clients, American Fortune represents sellers with a unique approach. American Fortune advisers and M&A professionals handle sales with extensive planning for the best outcome and are armed with exceptional negotiation techniques and M&A advisory expertise.

We’ve developed our various approaches and techniques to successfully navigate deals while knowing what tactics buyers and their consultants use to control a deal. Our M&A model and practices place sellers at the advantage over the buyers and their consultants through marketing, orchestrating bids, and eliminating undesirable buyers.

  • Historically we have sold businesses at an average of 98% of the valuation price
  • We maintain utmost confidentiality by using a unique Business Sale Process
  • We do not collect fees or commissions on the real estate portion of the business
  • In our 22 year history we have worked with businesses in every industry

3 Ways American Fortune’s M&A Advisory Model Achieves Better Business Sale Results

M&A Advisory Firms

Brian S. Mazar, Managing Director

Selling your business through a business broker or M&A advisory firm requires a significant amount of preparation and extensive expertise. If you’re beginning the process of selling your business then using a business broker or an M&A advisory firm can provide the expertise, and knowledge of various business disciplines necessary for a successful sale. Brokers and M&A advisory professionals know how to manage their time preparing a business for the market and exercise their expertise in vital disciplines such as business exit planning, and business valuations. These professionals should maximize the company’s pre-sale business value to achieve higher valuation prices and good sale terms.

Sellers understandably do not have M&A expertise for the simple reason that business owners possess expertise in operating their businesses. They are often consumed with day-to-day business operations and selling a business is likely a one-off transaction.

American Fortune takes time to educate business sellers about buyer practices and tactics used by buyers and their M&A advisory firms. This extra step prevents business buyers, and their consultants, from taking advantage of sellers.

Business sellers need to know that many M&A advisory firms do not properly defend or protect the interests of the sellers. Here are some of the most common situations and reasons for this issue:

  1. Business sellers might be desperate to sell, giving buyers negotiating leverage.
  2. Some M&A advisory firms push for a quick sale by setting a low selling price.
  3. M&A advisory firms may not have the expertise to adequately represent the best interests of the seller. They may not offer the full range of needed M&A functions, or use processes which yield the best deal for the seller.

After working with several thousands of business owners since 1998, we have earned a reputation of being one of the best M&A advisory firms. American Fortune offers business sellers an alternative to the typical broker model. Our business sale advisory model historically achieves an average of 98% of the valuation price

American Fortune’s Business Sale  approach benefits sellers in three important ways:

1.) Our m&a advisory services begin and end by incorporating strict confidentiality into each stage of the sale process. Without confidentiality controls in place, information will leak to competitors, employees, customers, and suppliers and may harm the sale process.

2.) We meticulously define goals, options and exit strategies for the business. Sellers must view the business sale according to how the market defines value and how buyers critique a business for sale, and not solely from their own perspective.

3.) Our processes safeguard your interests by working with your financial needs in mind. We help recast your income statement and balance sheet so that they accurately represent the true value of the company. Additionally, we carefully prepare for lowering tax liability for our clients.

These are just some of the many comprehensive ways American Fortune works with business owners to achieve the best possible sale price for their business. To learn more about the American Fortune M&A Process, visit the M&A Process.

The American Fortune Loyalty Pledge

Our commitment and unconditional loyalty remain with the business seller. We are not dual agents known as transaction brokers. A dual agent should be neutral, but are they? Sellers need to be aware of this potential pitfall.

Business owners that sell their business using our services and our unique processes obtain better terms, higher selling prices, and a true business sale advocate throughout the entire process. Over the years we have expanded our portfolio of services that complement our Business Sale Advisory program by offering business sellers robust business valuation services and business exit strategy planning services. American Fortune serves sellers in all of their M&A needs.

American Fortune is one of the top M&A Advisory Firms in the USA, it has provided successful M&A Advisory services in most areas of the USA including the following cities and states: Columbus OH, Atlanta GA, Lexington KY, Bowling Green KY, Nashville TN, Memphis TN, Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, Toledo OH, Los Angeles CA, Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, Baltimore MD, Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Flint MI, Tampa FL, St. Louis MS, Kansas City KS, Des Moines IA, Minneapolis MN, Louisville KY, Oklahoma City OK, Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX, Denver CO, San Francisco CA, Salt Lake City UT, Phoenix AZ, Lexington KY, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA.