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American Fortune Mergers and Acquisitions serves clients in privately held businesses with revenues up to $50 million. We provide three key services as follows:

1. One of the unique Merger and Acquisition Firms that utilizes a unique “Business Sale Advisor” model rather than a “Business Broker” model. The result of our clients is a sale or acquisition of a business at the best market price and terms.

2. Business Exit Planning provides business owners with practical and low cost value maximization and successful exit planning for planned and unplanned events. Due to our experience of selling businesses, we’re able to produce extremely valuable exit plans.

3. Business Valuations prepared for our clients stand up to all scrutiny because of our unique expertise in business valuations as well as expertise/experience in mergers & acquisitions. The combination of skills and experience affords us the capability to produce very reliable and low priced business valuations.

Why do we exist?

We Recognize The Sacrifice, Passion, And Service Of The American Business Owner. We Exist To Validate The Value Of Their Accomplishments And Obtain The Maximum Sale Price & Terms For Their Achievement.

Who We Are

American Fortune provides very unique processes as one of the premium Merger and Acquisition Firms in Business Sale and Acquisition, Business Exit & Succession Planning and Business Valuations since 1998. We take a solutions-based approach rather than a transactional approach along with an “always do the right thing” philosophy which yields extraordinary results and value for our clients. To maintain high standards as one of premium Merger and acquisition firms we select highly educated and credentialed Advisors with exceptional experience and expertise in all aspects of Merger & Acquisitions, Business Exit & Succession Planning and Business Valuation Services. We carefully select Advisors who share our core values of always being upfront and genuine and working in the best interest of our clients. Our unconventional approach means that we may actually discourage clients from selling or buying a business until the timing and conditions are right, ensuring clients a successful business sale or acquisition. We are not out just to list businesses; we take full responsibility for each Mergers and Acquisitions (Business Sale or Acquisition) transaction. Along with a client’s Attorney and CPA, we function as client’s trusted Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory firm by providing valuable information and smart options so that clients can make the right decisions in the Sale or Acquisition of a business.

What Makes American Fortune a Different Kind of Merger and Acquisition Firm

  • American Fortune does not charge commissions or fees on the Real Estate portion of a business sale
  • The businesses that American Fortune takes to market sell at an average of 98% of the listed price
  • Our clients receive more money from the sale of their business due to our Value Maximization program
  • Our clients are protected with our rigorous screening process and strict controls for releasing confidential information
  • Our clients feel very prepared as a result of our very practical and low-cost Business Exit/Succession Planning
  • Our clients prize our Businesses Valuations due to our expertise/experience in valuations and mergers & acquisitions
  • Our clients trust us as their loyal Advisors (Advocates) to expertly sell or acquire businesses

American Fortune Merger and Acquisition Firm’s Philosophy

American Fortune Managing Director & CEO, Brian S. Mazar, recognized that many people struggle with finding the best help in selling or buying a business. Most owners wishing to sell or buy a business come to the conclusion that the use of business brokers does not always produce the best results. By way of agency business brokers are to represent one party, however, in reality, they become mediators (middlemen) for both the buyer and the seller. Business owners seeking to sell or buy a business need an advisor who can fully represent them (be their advocate) and their interests and not “play both sides of the aisle.” The market is full of business brokers and merger and acquisition firms whose main goal is to make a deal in order to get paid, unfortunately all too often at the expense of the client’s best interests. American Fortune’s CEO, Brian Mazar, guarantees that every client will receive unbiased and unconditional loyalty. The result for our clients is the best possible market price and terms.

Our Mission Statement

“American Fortune’s Mission is to serve as loyal Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Advocates to successfully sell the ownership of a business.”

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American Fortune, one of top Merger and Acquisition Firms. They have provided successful mergers and acquisitions consulting services, performed business valuation services, exit strategy planning services, mergers & business acquisition services in most areas of the USA