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Brian S. Mazar is the Managing Director/CEO of American Fortune Merger and Acquisition Consulting. Brian sets the strategy, manages the operations and demands the highest standards of ethics and business practices of the firm. Brian has advised business owners in every industry on all aspects of mergers & acquisitions.  He has a rich background in manufacturing having held key business and operations positions with four Fortune 500 companies that were tier 1 suppliers to GM, Ford and Chrysler. He is an experienced negotiator and mediator and has superior skills in Mergers and Acquisitions, succession planning, exit planning strategies and business valuations. He has attained the title “CBI” (Certified Business Intermediary) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management and an MBA. Brian may be reached at

Rose M. Sanchez is the Senior Analyst & Business Research Manager for American Fortune. In the Analyst role, Rose As an Analyst Rose assists with data aggregation via statistical analysis to complex data mining. Designs, develops, implements and maintains business solutions. In her Business Research role, Rose performs a variety of business, market and industry research and data mining. She also works with the M&A Advisors in developing Offering Memorandums, Business Valuation Reports and Business Exit Planning Reports. Rose can be reached at

Savvy Bhatnagar is a Merger & Acquisition Consulting Adviser with American Fortune. Savvy is an experienced professional with supply chain experience in global sourcing and parts fulfillment at G.E. Consumer & Industrial. He has a track record in building supplier and .customer relationships both domestically and internationally while working with cross- functional and cross-cultural  teams. Savvy has a broad skill set in negotiations, product development, financial modeling and industry analysis. He also has over two years of start-up and small business experience. Savvy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics with a Minor in Finance and International Business, and a Masters in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, both from the University of Louisville.

Tad Kowalczyk is a Merger and Acquisition Consulting Adviser with American Fortune based out of Florida. Tad has more than 20 years of large-scale engagement experience in building and strengthening key organizational objectives. In his career he held key managerial positions for various companies including Pepsi Co. For the last decade Tad worked for large consulting companies as a Senior Staff and Senior Project Manager. Tad worked for various industries in the areas of business strategies, process analysis, operations management, productivity improvements, and performance benchmarking. His key areas of expertise are business process re-engineering, marketing strategies, business turnaround, and total quality management. He developed a number of process improvement programs and advised numerous small business owners on how to improve the value of their business in preparation for the sale of their business. Tad completed undergraduate studies at the University of Gdansk, Poland and holds an MBA from the University of Florida..

Clif Valentine III is a Merger and Acquisition Consulting Adviser with American Fortune. He has senior-level executive leadership experience with Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies. His industry experience includes transportation, commercial printing, financial services, call centers and consulting. Clif has his Bachelor of Science (Economics and Management) from New York University.

American Fortune Business Partners

Todd Rosenbaum CPA of Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP (“MCM”) is a CPA firm providing specialized financial and accounting services to a broad range of clients and industries. MCM combines the industry expertise of a larger firm without sacrificing the attention and personal service of a small firm. MCM is an independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world’s 8th largest accountancy and business advisory network.

Dr. Bart Basi, CPA, Attorney, Doctorate in Business Economics and Accounting and founder of The Center for Financial, Legal, & Tax Planning, Inc.

T. Alan Claypool President of TAC Solutions. The Company helps clients find joy and purpose in doing work. They accomplish this goal with 3 primary initiatives: • Organizational Health • Process improvement • Complex IT project management. They begin work in an organizational focusing on corporate health: how they deal with conflict, whether staff talk behind each others’ backs, and the methods management use to align staff tasks with corporate strategies. We lead executive leadership teams through an intense training program to develop solutions-oriented behavior and guide them to creating clarity throughout the organization – clarity of behavior, corporate identity, strategy, and priorities. Once clients have developed a culture that produces higher productivity, profitability, and staff engagement, we then lead them through effective process improvement for streamlined efficiency and TAC Solutions manages complex IT projects that otherwise fail due to bad culture and requirements management.

Brad Gaines and Chad Celi Founders of Reset Strategies. The Company is the only strategic marketing firm in the USA that can help grow a business without advertising. They identify untapped revenue sources, underperforming activities; overlooked marketing & selling possibilities that are costing a business $1M or more in LOST revenue and they guarantee that. Business Owners & Executives partner with Reset when: • They want guaranteed ROI • They want an unbiased and proven plan on the best use of marketing dollars • They’ve lost market share • They want to spend less on advertising but sell more • They want more referrals • They want performance based strategies.

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