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Business Brokerage Companies

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Business Brokerage Companies, What Can You Expect? Not all business brokerage companies provide a complete host of services. After carefully researching and finding the right business brokerage firm for you, that firm will assign you a business broker agent. Working with an agent directly and understanding the services available through that brokerage firm is vital for… Read more »

Business Intermediary Services

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Expert Business Selling Advice From Business Intermediary Services Business buyers and business sellers have something in common; they typically partake in business selling transaction once in their lifetime. If you are, however, a strategic buyer or a corporate or equity buyer, buying and selling companies might be commonplace. A buyer with significant experience in business… Read more »

Business Valuation Report

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Sample Business Valuation Report there times when you or your clients need a quick, reliable and affordable business valuation report? Due to our clients’ request, we at American Fortune Business Valuation division have designed a very reliable and affordable valuation report. Although this 12-page valuation report is in a summary format, it presents an… Read more »