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Strategic business acquisition is essential for companies looking to establish or grow their market share. Acquiring an existing business with an already established customer base, business model and brand can enable the acquirer to grow much more quickly than traditional growth strategies. A strategic acquisition is faster, cheaper, less risky, and easier to finance as compared to other growth strategies.

American Fortune business acquisition advisor services understands the importance of a strategic acquisition to the growth of the company. We offer acquisition services that assist clients in identifying, acquiring, and integrating business acquisition targets. We carefully assess our client’s business, financial strengths and future goals. Based on this assessment, American Fortune Mergers & Acquisitions introduces potential acquisition targets to the client that will add value to their existing business portfolio. You will benefit from our knowledge of contracts, accounting, tax minimization, business valuations, deal structuring, mergers and acquisitions and negotiation skills.

American Fortune Mergers & Acquisitions provides two levels of Business Acquisition Advisor Services:

  1. Function as a Finder Agent to the Buyer
  2. Function as a Mergers & Acquisition Advisor for an already identified acquisition

We work closely with your in-house M&A staff or serve as a logical alternative for companies that do not have a dedicated acquisition staff. As your corporate development partner, we simplify the search process and improve the likelihood of achieving your objectives.

American Fortune Mergers & Acquisitions works with investors, financial buyers and strategic buyers to help them find, evaluate and acquire all or part of a business.

We offer our corporate clients the following services:

  • Development of acquisition parameters to drive the search
  • Target screening prior to contact
  • Help to get the most attractive prospects past unrealistic valuations and concerns with employees, suppliers and integration issues
  • Deal negotiation and structuring
  • Innovative, non-traditional financing (debt and equity)
  • Ongoing financial advisory services
  • We search for companies through our vast network of business owners, private-equity groups, fund managers, investors, industry associations and other relevant sources. The result is a pool of qualified companies typically not talking to other buyers.
  • Our services include strategy development, completion of due diligence and working to ensure a timely, successful acquisition and integration plan.
  • Our client’s identity is not revealed to potential acquisition targets until or unless the client approves of the targeted company.

The key to a successful merger or acquisition is drafting an M&A roadmap that will help you target the right company to merge with or acquire. We provide guidance on drafting an agreement once the right company has been identified. We further outline the specific steps necessary to coordinate a well-planned implementation of the merger or acquisition.

Speak with one of our Adisors about our strategic business acquisition advisor services.

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