Proprietary Data Protection Software

Our firm is representing the sale of the rights to a fully functioning, complete data protection software package. This data protection software is new and revolutionary and can protect sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) during any type of database breach or attack in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Ground-breaking data encryption software that will protect sensitive and personally identifiable data during any type of database breach, before, during, and after. There is nothing like it currently on the market. It is completely database independent. If an attack eliminates the encryption on the database, the data is still encrypted and protected. If an attack eliminates the hardware encryption, the data is still encrypted and protected. If a ransomware attack encrypts the database, the data is still encrypted. Even if a phishing attack retrieved every single username and password in the system, the data would remain encrypted.

This software works with both structured data and unstructured data such as text and images.

No complicated installation process, key management, or complicated patching required. No client downtime. It doesn’t care if you are using the latest version of Oracle or SQL Server, or whatever database you are using for that matter, or if your database software is ten years old.

The software system comes as a SaaS with a delivery system composed using C# and ASP.NET Core API. It also includes along all the pertinent class libraries and full technical documentation including a component and process that would allow a client to restore all the protected sensitive data to its original unpacked format should they no longer wish to use the data protection software. Therefore a client will be assured that their data is not being held hostage and or be forced to continue the software subscription service.

The software is extensible, fully scalable, and extremely well documented. It is written in C# (with a little VB.NET used in an earlier version), and it comes with an ASP.NET Core API delivery system.

If the traditional ways were working, database breaches would not be increasing. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is not working. If there was already a database and accompanying set of tools that did everything and was protecting everything, everyone would already be using them and cyber-crime would be going down. But it isn’t, it is going up, significantly.

This software system has the very real potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the owner.

Offering Details

Business TypeSoftware
Asking Price5,000,000
Ref ID#AF149
Seller FinancingYes
LocationAntonia, MO
Year Established2020