A new and revolutionary software solution designed to offer an increased level of protection that goes well beyond mere data encryption and firewalls. A company’s sensitive client data will be protected by this software which is stored in their database, safe from potential breaches. This solution significantly increases the level of protection of sensitive data beyond what is currently available. It will help a company avoid the bad publicity of database breaches, as well as avoid potential legal settlements, government fines and the loss of consumer confidence that can occur with a database breach. Even if somebody did manage to hack into the company’s database, the sensitive data protected by this revolutionary solution would be meaningless to the hacker. The software significantly increases the level of protection of the data deemed sensitive that is stored in a company’s database. The software solution has the potential to significantly generate millions of dollars in revenue for the buyer.

This Software protects sensitive data before a breach and continuously protects the sensitive data should a breach actually occur. The software package takes the encryption and protection of sensitive data to a whole different level of security. Data protection includes personal information, credit card data, banking information, telephone numbers and medical data, just to name a few of the types of sensitive data a cyber thief may encounter in a normally protected corporate database. The software package uses a unique algorithmic method to uniquely scramble and package the data. Even if a hacker got into a company’s database and got through the first of several layers of unheard-of protection, the resulting data would be meaningless to them and they could not decipher it. Even if someone were to figure out what is in the data, there are approximately 214 different ways that this same collection of data could be processed and stored in a database. Furthermore, the source code can be customized and expanded. Therefore, even if a hacker deciphered this row of data, they would not be able to translate the next row of data. A significant amount of effort and resources would be needed to crack each row of data. Even if someone is able to breach a database, they will have no way of knowing what maps to what and how.

Even though companies are employing the use of database firewalls, web application firewalls, encryption, monitoring and auditing of their database activity along with making sure that their databases are properly maintained, configured, and patched to remove any known vulnerabilities, they still fall prey to breaches by cyber-criminals. And once these cyber-criminals have penetrated a company’s outer defenses, the data lays exposed and easy to harvest. In other words, once they are in the cookie jar, there is nothing to protect the cookies. This software protects the sensitive data once someone has managed to access it to the degree that even if they get through the seven layers of protection that the data is encased in, the resulting data will not be in a format that is usable to the cyber-criminal. The traditional ways of data protection are not working. A patent has been filed, with patent pending.

The revenue number provided is a projection, the number provided represents a likely revenue for most buyers. The revenue can be significantly higher if the buyer is a very large company.

Offering Details

Business Type Software
Asking Price 5,000,000
Ref ID# AF149
Seller Financing Yes
Location Antonia, MO
Year Established 2020