Significant Growth Potential – Health and Fitness Digital Application

This opportunity is prerevenue. The revenues and earnings (EBIDTA) shown are projections.

In the United States of America alone more than 50% of adults are overweight or obese. This means that most American adults are at risk for serious diseases which also means a weak immune system. Whether you are seeking an opportunity to help address these issues while also monetizing a solution or are a company wanting to stem the growth of this sad statistic with the prospects of reducing costs, this product is definitely a game changer.

Health Info Tracker (HiT) is a unique health and fitness digital application the enables users to track upto eight health and wellness parameters, including Activity, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Hydration, Medication, and Sleep. Aside from capturing and displaying data entered by the user, HiT provides many tools to engage, inform, and motivate the user. In addition, HiT enables the user to safely share data with healthcare professionals, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaches, and family and friends via secure interactive portals.

HiT is designed to encourage users to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. HiT’s many tools, aside from data entry, include an extensive food and nutrition database, the ability to connect smart fitness devices, set up reminders, join monthly activity challenges and create custom challenges, view health and fitness tips in the HiT news feed, view helpful reports on their snacking patterns, and graph progress. In addition, HiT’s unique scoring algorithm provides hourly updates to let the user know how the choices they make are helping or harming their overall health.

Whether you are seeking to help employees develop and maintain healthier lifestyle habits, or an insurance carrier wanting to encourage subscribers to adopt healthier habits, or a company seeking a vertical that supports and helps grow your primary line of business, HiT is a robust application that has been fully tested and used by thousands of end users. It’s ready to roll out under your company name and logo.
HiT’s sister applications are also included in this offering: Hit for Healthcare, HiT for Coaches, and HiT for Wellness. Because these applications use a secure portal and provide secure data management, they are fully HIPAA compliant. The HiT Blog is also ready for you to take over and continue to inform current and potential subscribers of HiT. The admin portal is where your company administrators can create custom emails and push notifications to all HiT users or targeted groups or individuals.

The potential for revenue generation either as a primary product or ancillary product is great. HiT is highly competitive with other types of food management and fitness applications attractive to people wanting to lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy. For companies in the healthcare industry HiT can be a cost saver. The same is true for companies seeking a wellness program. When employees and subscribers use HiT on a regular basis, you’ll see real changes in lifestyle that can cut costs of insurance premiums and sick days considerably.

HiT is a multi-faceted application with important support applications, that are all end user tested. The parent company Digital Electronic Applications, a Michigan LLC, seeks to find a forward-thinking buyer for this unique and robust set of applications.

Offering Details

Business TypeHealth and Fitness Digital Application
Annual Revenue$2,000,000
EBIDTA (Discretionary Earnings)$200,000
Asking Price$1,000,000
Ref ID#AF158
Seller FinancingYes
LocationDetroit Metropolitan
Year Established2020