350 Million Contact & Email Records Database For Sale

Comprehensive marketing contact & email database. Consists of two types of contact records as follows:

  • Approximately 50 million B2B (corporate professionals),
  • The second part of the list consists of 300+ million consumer buyer records.

Total Contact & Email database: 350 million records, recently refreshed.

Business email records include key information such as company name, website, address, phone number, contact name, contact email address, title, sales/revenues, number of employees, and industry SIC code.

Business email records include several business verticals including Healthcare and Medical Professionals (Physicians, Nurses, Administrators), Realtors, Education Professionals (Principals, Teachers, Administrators), Business Owners, Banking Professionals, IT Professionals, C-Level Executives, SVP’s, VP’s, and other Corporate Professionals.

Fully Opt-in Consumer Lists include Opt-in data such as Opt-in date, Opt-in IP address and Opt-in Source, and other key fields including email, address, and phone number.

Extensive targeting options available to create exact marketing lists for specific needs. Address (City, State, Zip Code), Phone Number (Area Code), Interests and Targets (Online Shopping, Online Education, Training, Home Owners, Insurance, Finance, Auto, High Net Worth, Social Media, Profession, etc.)

Pricing:  Volume Pricing: Price per record is based on the quantity of records purchased, price range from $0.05 to $0.02 for consumer records and $0.10 to $0.08 for business records. Minimum record sale of 1,000,000 records.

Compliance and Best practice requirements: Email list users need to fully abide by the Can Spam Act, when using emails to contact Consumers, and provide Unsubscribe option. And immediately unsubscribe if users request, and refrain from sending them emails again. We are in full compliance with these requirements.

B2B emails can be sent as part of regular business correspondence and service offerings. These are not considered Spam or unsolicited like the consumer emails, however as a best practice, it is always best to adhere to the Can Spam act requirements for B2B emails also – i.e. include Business details in the Footer and include the Unsubscribe option.

Offering Details

Business TypeDatabase Contact List
Annual RevenueN/A
EBIDTA (Discretionary Earnings)N/A
Asking PriceDepending on the number of records purchased
Ref ID#AF151
Seller FinancingNo
Year EstablishedN/A