Located in the USA, this Company is the only US manufacturer of cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Android) surgical/dental HD camera system mounted onto loupes. Also includes custom/proprietary software.

Opportunity: The company offers a simple solution for HD video recording and still images which has increased patient and doctor engagement in procedure review. Aside from a highly performing miniature camera that weighs 0.4 oz. (most cameras in this market have a weight of .6 oz. or more), the company offers a user-friendly software platforms for Windows, Mac, Android Tablets. The company enjoys leading edge expertise and was part of the Google Glass Developers’ program. The company also, has over 30 different adapters for Loupes and headlights, which is key for the integration of the Company’s camera system and allows for adaptation to over 97% of the current loupes on the market. The Company’s camera system offers multiple magnification lenses from 1x to 4x so that no matter what the doctor is seeing through his loupes, there is a lens to match and capture his view. To tie everything together for a one stop solution for medical recording, the company offers a Bluetooth foot pedal. This allows the doctor to be able to start and stop recording as well as take still images without breaking the sterile zone. This form of pro-active editing gives the patient peace of mind while making the process more efficient, saving the doctor hours of time.

Product Summary: USB HD Cameras & Cross Platform Software: The USB HD Cameras weighs around 0.5 ounces and features a built-in microphone and foot-pedal operation. The foot pedal allows the user to do recording and documentation during a procedure without having to interrupt what they are doing with the patient. It can be connected directly to the user’s laptop (Windows, Mac or Android) via a standard USB port and comes with a USB 2.0 cable up to 10-meters long. It can create both .AVI (video), .MP4 (video). . MOV (video) and JPEG (still shot) files. This is great for dentists and oral surgeons as a replacement tool for the intraoral camera. This prompted the company to develop a universal mounting clip, to bridge that gap. With the clip, surgeons and dentists can mount the camera onto the frame of their preferred loupes or a portable headlight.

The Company has developed different mounts. One is a universal mount that can attach directly onto the loupes. The Company has also developed a model that can mount on the portable headlight used with the loupes. This last model is preferred by most customers because the light can be used by the camera as a target. The camera can be aligned where the light is projected, assuring the user that the camera is well-aligned at all times.

Trade Mark – The company’s strong brand and its products are enhanced through a registered trade mark.
Turn-Key Operation – The Company operates from a total turn-key operation from start of service through the finished product.

Offering Details

Business Type Medical/Dental Manufacturer & Distributer
Annual Revenue $786,178
EBIDTA (Discretionary Earnings) $179,859
Asking Price $950,000
Ref ID# AF155
Seller Financing Yes
FFE $70,000
Inventory $40,000
Location USA
Year Established 2004